Privacy policy

The ELSTA Group websites may automatically create users’ statistics. We use the statictical data in order to improve our websites and other services avaibalbe on our domains. By following the trends of particular users’ visits, we may adjust the content of prestented materials to meet our customers’ and guests’ needs as best as we can. Therefore, we collect and process the following information regarding visiting our websites and services:

  • visting computer’s IP address
  • canonical name of the assessing computer’s IP
  • operating system of the accessing computer
  • screen resolution of the accessing computer
  • type and version of the Internet browser
  • time and date of initiating the connection
  • URL addresses of visited websites and subpages
  • names and types of other visited websites and services
  • number and total time of visits

Implemented mechanisms do not infringe the anonymisation of users who visit our services. ELSTA Group does not share processed data with third-parties. The data is collected within logs and may be used only in case of user’s illegal or undesirable behaviour.

In case of presumed or definite law violation, the case will be reported to the competent authorities who will conduct the criminal proceeding.

If you do not agree with the above rules, please quit visiting our websites and other services made available by ELSTA Group.

ELSTA Group reserves the right to introduce any changes to the Privacy and Cookies Policies.