Cookies policy

1. What are cookies?

Cookies are small files saved by the Internet browser on the user’s computer when visiting a website.

2. What are the purposes of using cookies on the ELSTA Group websites?

Websites of companies within the ELSTA Group use cookies in order to:

  • facilitate Customer Service
  • optimise the www content
  • enable the access to protected content
  • collect statistical data

3. How can cookies be controlled?

Using browser settings, the user who visits websites of companies within the ELSTA Group may decide if and what cookie files will be saved on their computer. Please bear in mind that disabling cookies storage may affect the website operation, its data display or may prevent the access to protected content.

4. Third-Party Materials

The ELSTA Group websites may occasionally use materials available on other websites, for example images or video files. These websites may also save cookies or collect other information. The type of cookies used by other websites as well as collected data are beyond the ELSTA Group’s control.

5. Disclaimer

ELSTA Group reserves the right to introduce any changes to the Privacy and Cookies Policies.