We are changing!

Last year, Elsta’s Board has decided to create and implement a new visual identity of the company that would combine respect to the rich history of the brand and innovation suited for the current position of the company and its strategic goals. Today we happily present the first effects of many months of preparation.

By acquiring modern marketing and PR skills and possibilities, we intend to communicate with our customers and the market more effectively and present our product offer and engineering potential in a more attractive way.

Our new visual identification and the communication strategy we have set for ourselves are effects of combining sensibility, experience and ambition of the older and younger generations comprising the Board and managerial staff of the company. The slogan Empower innovations is a companion of these changes and a symbol for the company’s new philosophy, which – in short – translates to our readiness and potential to fulfil our clients’ expectations in the field of innovative solutions.

The change in image will be carried out in the offices and facilities of the company, as well as on Elsta’s products and construction sites in Poland, the United Kingdom and Sweden starting today.