Smart collaborative robot ready for quick implementation to production sites.

Sawyer is an integrated and efficient solution which includes Intera software, Intera Insights reporting system, ClickSmart family grippers and two embedded cameras. Sawyer can also work with external vision system.

Exchangeable grippers

reliable and cost-effective


intuitive user interface

Safe & careful

can work surrounded by people

Intelligence & Cooperation

The Intera software platform gives Sawyer its unique user experience that lets you create a task through train-by-demonstration on the robot’s arm or use Intera Studio on your laptop. Intera’s highly graphical interface can be used by anyone – from non-programmers with no experience to automation experts. Sawyer is equipped with an embedded vision system in its arm that allows the robot to locate objects or inspect for part presence. Our plug and play grippers greatly reduce costly custom design and product sourcing efforts. Intera Insights provides critical production data to manufacturers in real time.


Sawyer Advantages

  • Intera software – revolutionary software platform
  • Embedded Cognex vision system
  • Intera Insights – real time production data
  • Robot Positioning System – dynamic re-orientation using embedded camera
  • ClickSmart family of gripper kits
  • Rethink’s global support team



CNC Machining


Molding Operations


Metal Fabrication


PCB Handling and ICT




Loading & Unloading


Test and Inspection

Basic Specifications

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Product Manager


Paweł Handzlik

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T +48 12 333 81 13

Authorized distributor

Elsta has the right to sell Sawyer collaborative robot in Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Belarus, Ukraine, Slovenia, Croatia, Montenegro, Serbia, Bulgaria, Albania, Greece, Moldova, Cyprus, Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan.


Intera & ClickSmart