TriLine® PowerModules

Modular installation system for low voltage equipment up to rated current from 1000 A to 3200 A.

Remarkable compactness, simple construction and great flexibility of the switchgear interior make the TriLine® PowerModules an exceptionally cost-effective solution.

Configuration flexibility

smart modular structure

Economic solutions

material costs

Compliance with standards

IEC 61439,
DIN EN 61439-1/-2


TriLine® PowerModules system is a modular solution designed for dense electrical installation. Elsta offers comprehensive services in the area of ​​design, manufacture and service of equipment using modern EAM / CMMS technology.


Certified manufacturer

Elsta is an authorized TriLine® PowerModules manufacturer.


  • Modular and compact construction,
  • Circuit up to 75 kA / sec,
  • Compartment construction for the 4b separation,
  • Possibile application of variuos manufacturers’ equipment: fuse switch disconnectors – ABB-XR; Jean Mueller – Sasil Plus, SL; EFEN – E3,
  • Application of three circuit breakers in one field as well as corner fields allows for switchboard’s cost optimisation,
  • Practical system expansion using Combiline modules and cabinets with mounting plates for automation.