System pro E power

Modern low voltage switchgear for rated current 6300 A.

Installation speed and countless configuration possibilities makes system pro E power the perfect solution for high performance and reliability.

Configuration flexibility

over 120
different posibillities

High protection

IP30, IP31,
IP40, IP41, IP65

Standards compliance

IEC 61439-1-2,
IEC 60068-2-5, IEE Std 693


System pro E power is a solution for distribution of electricity in infrastructure and industrial buildings. Elsta offers comprehensive services such as design, manufacture and servicing of equipment using modern EAM / CMMS technology.


Certified manufacturer

Elsta is an authorized manufacturer of
System pro E power switchgears.


  • Complete solution for energy distribution in industrial applications.
  • Rated current (ln) up to 6300 A, rated short-time withstand current (Icw) up to 120 kA, rated short-circuit current (Ipk) up to 264 kA.
  • High degree of IP protection (from 30 to 65) and form of enclosure (up to 4b).
  • Busbar systems based on the same components (crosspieces, mounting brackets and insulators) for mounting 5 mm or 10 mm busbars, flat or profiled.
  • Max. rated insulation voltage (Ui): 1000 V AC / 1500 V DC.
  • Compliance with IEC 61439-1-2, IEC 60068-2-5, IEE Std 693, etc.
  • 120 sizes of enclosures with common components.