A key aspect of Elsta Company and also the first step of the Empower Innovations philosophy is the practice of carrying out complex, multi-stage projects in the power and automation industries, designed mainly for professional energetics, metallurgy, mining and industry itself.

A modern approach to design puts Elsta at the top of European companies that are trend-setters in areas as participation in construction and quality of the final product. Our actions are aimed at the best possible cooperation with our customers during the completion of the plant and delivering a safe, modern and user-friendly installation.

Our Engineering Department consists of several dozen of engineers (electrical, control system, automation and programming specialists), specialized in the following:

  • Conceptual projects in the electrical and control/measurement/automation industries,
  • Creating modular container solutions for transformer stations, low and medium voltage switchgears, UPS, frequency converters, technological devices etc. based on 3D-modeling with technologies such as IoT, Industry 4.0 and Digital Twin supporting,
  • Stocktaking of existing facilities to adjust the electrical and automation installations to the best available technology (BAT) with possibilities stemming from Industry 4.0, IoT, Cloud Computing etc.
  • Complete building permit design performed in accordance with Polish rules, construction law and norms and regulations of the industry,
  • Detailed design encompassing:

– calculation and selection of equipment for high (HV), medium (MV) and low voltage (LV) networks,
– MV switchgears in primary and secondary circuits, as well as control and supervision systems,
– LV equipment – distribution boards, MCC, frequency converters, DC distribution boards, guaranteed voltage, PLC/DCS cabinets, server cabinets etc.,
– selection of drive systems, design of frequency converter cabinet,
– selection of solutions for guaranteed voltage systems,
– selection and circuit diagrams of control and measurement equipment,
– application of PLC, DCS and SCADA systems,
– cabling for HV, MV, LV, I&C and communication systems,
– Earthing, equipotential bonding, lightning protection installations,
– basic, emergency and illumination lighting installations,
– post-completion documentation (as-built) in electronic or red-pen form.

We carry out projects using 3D modeling or 2D drawings. We also design installations in hazardous areas and explosive atmospheres.

  • Designing cable routes in the 3D model – Microstation, Bentley BRCM – according to the latest trends, our team works on-line on common 3D models (cooperates with other trades) most often placed in the “cloud”. This enables the digital model of the facility to include complete electrical installations and is the basis for developing technologies related to Industry 4.0,
  • Designing cable routes in 2D – AutoCad, for smaller facilities or tasks related to modernizing already existing plants,
  • Cable selection and dimensioning with the use of modern calculation techniques – Simaris, OS, AMTECH (compliant with British standard),
  • Automation – using E-Plan, WS-CAD software and a huge database of implemented and inventoried solutions.

For example, already in the cable and wire selection phase, attention is paid to issues related to the process of laying them on site, required inspection and tests, and consequently periodic inspections and tests. Therefore, cable documentation and their coding (QR codes) are compatible with the EAM/CMMS software provided by Elsta Group from the very start.

The approach to electrical equipment manufactured by Elsta and delivered as part of the supply chain is similar: a digital database of all equipment, apparatus and installations is created already at the design stage and is then made available to all customers through the Customer Portal.

We treat technical documentation, especially its quality and form, as one of the key components in building cyber-physical systems, and consequently an important aspect in the development of Industry 4.0.