Delivery completion

Elsta carries out a comprehensive supply of electrical equipment, control and measurement equipment as well as automation systems. The offer includes a full range of services, from the design and selection of equipment, through the production of equipment or their completion, to the integration of deliveries with existing infrastructure and commissioning on site. On request, the units can be installed and delivered in the form of a portable container station.

We work with the best

Elsta manufactures certified electrical equipment based on global brands such as Siemens or ABB. Long-term cooperation with trusted partners and beneficial commercial agreements provide preferential access to high-end technologies, equipment, devices and components. Our goal is to meet the demands of our customers through a comprehensive offer of solutions with optimal quality, short completion time and a competitive price.

Delivery completion process at Elsta

  • Design
  • Production
  • External supplies
  • Installations and tests
  • Delivery and commissioning

Selected advantages

  • Full range of services, from design, production, delivery to installation and commissioning,
  • Engineering support and project execution in the same standard,
  • Digital and easy-to-navigate documentation fully complies with QR Code and RFID equipment, which facilitates later maintenance and service,
  • Ability to test devices in one location,
  • Compatibility of the supplied devices, systems,
  • Centralized delivery management,
  • Cost optimization,
  • Shortened completion time.