The UK is one of the fast-growing leaders in the renewable energy sector. Government data, released in the quarterly publication Energy Trends, reveals that renewable electricity’s share of generation has reached a record 29.8% of the mix in Q2 2017, while output from coal fell 50% to a record low of 2.1%. For comparison, in 2005 renewables were responsible for only 4% of the total power generation.


Elsta was established in 1988. The basis of our operations is a comprehensive service to the fields of electrical installations and industrial automation, mainly for the energy, environmental protection and mining sectors.


Building permit design and detailed design for the electrical industry, design of electrical devices and automation systems.

Production of electrical devices and complete container stations equipped in accordance with individual requirements.

Complete delivery of electrical devices and automation systems.

Comprehensive electrical installation/assembly services on site.

PLC and DCS programming, SCADA and HMI visualization applications, parameterization of automation systems and devices.

Complete test and measurement services. Participation in the pre-commissioning and commissioning stages of the installation in electrical and I&C scope.

Maintenance services, repairs of electrical devices, electrical installations and I&C.

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Elsta gives you the opportunity to work in a company with Polish capital that operates on international markets. Thanks to the combination of experience and staff open to young talent, the company offers a transparent career path based on partnership and clear objectives.